Sunday, November 25, 2007

Secret Sister Package

This was my last package from my secret sister this past summer. I also am experimenting with posting a picture on my blog. Since I have received this package I am using the floral notebook with all kinds of stuff. I keep it in my purse. I have added the floss and the fabric to my stash, the magnet (yellow handled sea side scene) is on my refrigerator.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Friday after Thanksgiving Shopping Fun.

Hello out there. I have had a wonderful weekend so far. I have had Friday and Saturday off. On Friday I went to Welcome Stitchery with a friend and the most wonderful time. I bought a whole bunch of stash. I found a pattern that my son had cut up when he was a little boy. I was in the middle of stitching and had about half of it done. I have long since thrown out the piece of stitching but will be excited to start it again. I bought quite a few fibers also. I am now cataloging them. I stitched a Lizzie Kate named "Noel Squared". I stitched it on a piece of gingham linen. I will post a picture soon.