Thursday, January 29, 2009

It has been a while since I have made an entry but things happen. I finally finished my rabbit. I had to frog the left side of the border because I had made some sort of miscalculation. Can you all relate? Well the bunny was a kit and I ran out of the color. I asked my fellow cross stitching friends and they directed me to a site to help with a substitution. So....YEAH it's finished. I really want to make a flat fold with it. I bought some fabric at Michaels and I am pretty sure I have the rest of the supplies that I need. I might be able to do it this weekend. I am off and would be fun to do while the Super Bowl is on.

School: I am working on A & I of Literature. I have scheduled the test for mid-Feburary. I just keep telling myself. I CAN do this. Ya know all those silly voices that run in your head when you try to do something "out of your box". I will do this because I can.
Boys: Adrian is excited about the super bowl and saturday we will buy "snacks" for the game. Allen in now unemployed. He filed for unemployment. Yeah Allen. He is in transition for his housing but he will find a place. He is learning how to do that kind of stuff.
Work: I am speaking up more. Trying to just get the job done and go.
Psychological: Being more gentle with myself and setting boundries that I have not done before.
That's enough.
Take care everyone,

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year everyone!! It has been pretty quiet around here. I have started studying for the next test. I have not done any stitching. Been kind of a slump. It's okay. Allen is doing well. His hours are being cut at Sams but he is going to try working in a different dept. and this will help with that decrease. Snow and ice are suppose to come our way. I hope it does not hit too hard. I agreed to work half a shift tonight.
Adrian is doing pretty good. He is answering the phone now. He would never do that. Working at Riverfront has helped him with alot of different "life skills". He really wants to be an adult.