Monday, April 27, 2009

I took a break from my other WIP and started working on my sampler. Sometimes you just need a break. ;) Anyway, here it is. I have seen Mr. Frogger but he visits and then goes away for a while. I do not get so upset when he shows up. That small section on the top right side was stitched 3 times before I got it right. (Phew... at least I got it right. LOL) I got my fix of TV last night. I watched my newest favorite show..Food Network Challenge. They have had a competition for the best cake maker. It was great to watch and finally see the winner. Weather here was a pretty lousy weekend. Lots of rain and clouds. My lawn and flowers look great!! I also did some studying for my religion test. Reading about Confucisism. Was pretty interesting.
Today I had to stop at the local gardening center. I have a water problem. When it rains, like a heavy downpour my basement window is letting in all kinds of water. I got some ideas and I will be working on them on my next day off. I looove going in that place. So many pretty flowers, planters, perenials, and just fun stuff. I think I may even get my flowers early this year. To enjoy them longer.
Have a great week and Take care

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring is here. Yeaaaah It has been just beautiful here. Sun shining and temps in the 50's. Even opened a window and turned off the furnace. The cats are lovin the open window and able to sit in the sill. It was hard but I did do some studying. Reading about a different culture and trying to understand is a challenge. I took some breaks so I would have a variety and move through out the day. Laundry was done. (Isn't that a four letter word? lol) Even loading the dishwasher was accomplished. Worked on the blog. I found off of one of my blogs that I follow how to put a different background. I feel so smart. LOL I watched a couple of good shows on TV. One was on IFC and the other was PBS. The title of the IFC was "Millions". Was a great family movie about a family that has lost the mom but the dad moves on and what happens to the family is very heart-warming. The other on PBS was "The Life Of Reily". The story of Charles Nelson Reilly. Funny and sad at the same time. This movie was made by a couple of Wisconsin film makers. If you ever get the chance. You will enjoy it.
HAPPY EASTER My son and I are going to a brunch today. Get out of the house and enjoy the weather. It is another gorgeous day. Probaly do some errands also.

Have a great Easter

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I have not been stitching so much lately but here is an updated pic from the last time that I posted. I have started to work on my general ed classes for my BSN. I am doing it through the college network. They send me the material and I study for the exam and I get college credit for passing the exam. This is a better way for me to get my RN than an actual school at this time. When I am ready for my nursing part of the program I will be doing it online with Indiana State University. I am reading and learning about World Religions. I have planned to take a week to study each unit. In little over 2 months I will be ready to take the exam. I will go to Madison and through a preceptor take the test. I am not sure what college. When I took my History exam I went to UW Whitewater. And for three of my other exams I went to Madison but it was at a professional testing center. Different subjects different places.
Weather has been pretty usual for Wisconsin. Last weekend we had a snow storm after have spring temperatures. That snow is gone and after having another couple of really nice weather we are back to snow. Not nowhere near last weekend but the temps dipping down again. I hope we have a nice Easter.
Take care everyone