Monday, November 16, 2009

Retreat Projects/Classes

These are the projects that Cindy and her staff helped us with. That little fob took more time than it looks but it was fun to make and complete. The pretty square that I started was a little tricky but once I got used to the pattern of the long stitches I was workin hard.This is the one with the ribbon in it. I did not even try and start the other two but the cupcake has some velvet, beads, and a fluffy type of thread. It will be great to be stitching on it in the dead of winter and a nice cup of tea by myside. The "All Hearts" piece will also be a learning experiance. I am not sure what but keep the brain active....has to be learnin something everyday.

Tulsa Fall Retreat

These are pics I took at the retreat. The group picture was the winners of the stitching competition. We were all invited to compete. There also was a name tag competition. I will be more prepared for the next one. The single lady in the one picture is Cindy. She owns the stitching store that ran the retreat. There is a medium size refrig behind her and that was stocked with pop and water. And on the table that she is standing by always had food on it for us to snack on. Our accommodations were excellent. They were cabins with 4 rooms with 2 double beds. It had a large table, a couch, and more chairs. There was a TV, microwave, and a small frig in the cabin. Very clean. The retreat started on Friday night and last till noon on Sunday. There were 4 classes. The classes had many different stitches to learn and different mediums. I am learning to stitch with ribbon and velvet. I picked up a tool to make sure that the ribbon and velvet lay flat on the surface. I even bought some q-snaps. Oh my gosh. I LOVE them. I met some really nice ladies and we are planning to meet at the spring retreat.

This is the piece that I stitched for my partner in the Lizzie Kate Exchange. She really liked it. That makes me happy. So I signed up for the next one.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Tulsa, Oklahoma Retreat

I just got back from my weekend retreat in Tulsa. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOhh my did I have a good time. I met some new friends, ate, stitched, ate, stitched. Had myself a good ole time. The weather was perfect. And I got a massage that left me feeling soooo relaxed. It was good all around. One snafu in the trip. My luggage went to Oklahoma City and I went to Atlanta. In a couple of days we shall be in the same spot. I will post pictures as soon as I get all my goodies from my luggage.
Take care everyone.