Friday, November 14, 2008

Can't forget Spaz. She had put up alot with the new addition. She was used to being the baby and now she is the "Queen". We lost Selena. Both Spaz and I went through a morning period. Ater about 5 mos. she has slowly but surely gotten used to the ball of fur.

More pictures of my lovable Miles.

This is Miles. He is my new Fur Baby. I have had him for about 5months now. I got him from the Humane Society. I got him just under 4lbs. I thought for sure he would be bigger but he's my little man. Very affectionate and purrs all the time. He is much different than my other cats. He is a chewer and plays much more than the other ones. I think he has a bit of Siamese in him. His last visit to the vet and he was about 5.5lbs. I don't think he will get much bigger. He is really a joy to have around. If I don't get up when he wants me to he comes and licks my face. He brings toys to play with and uses his voice many a time to get what he wants. He truly is a great companion.