Thursday, December 24, 2009

These are the last but not least ( days 10, 11, and 12) of the 12 Days of Christmas from the Stitchers Circle. The cardinal is a embrodiered linen. It is so pretty. I was looking for something to put on my shelf in the kitchen. The little ball is a charm that I have put on my camera case. And Mr. Teddy is a pin.
It was a great exchange. Thanks Flo for everything.
I have joined the Birthday Floss Exchange for the stitching group SNS2. My birthday is Dec. 28th. This arrived today. It is from Cal. Two specialty threads. They are Limited Edition from Sampler Threads and Moon Glow from The Caron Collection. Thank you so much Cal. It made my day!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wowsers it has been a while since I posted. I guess I have just been busy. Not much stitching but in some Christmas exchanges. I wanna thank Diane and Flo for making it a great holiday season. Also for my friends of from the group SNS2 for the postcards and xmas card exchanges.

The above pics are from the 12 Days of Christmas from the Stitchers Circle. I wish it did not have to end. ;) There are a couple more days of presents. Cannot wait till tomorrow.
The top right sided pic is my "Secret Santa" from Diane. Very nice exchange.
I have been studying and working extra hours. Chemistry is my subject as of right now. I have read that it is the hardest CLEP test. Please send good thoughts my way as I work on this one. Please everyone have a safe and joyous holiday season if I do not post again before Christmas.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Retreat Projects/Classes

These are the projects that Cindy and her staff helped us with. That little fob took more time than it looks but it was fun to make and complete. The pretty square that I started was a little tricky but once I got used to the pattern of the long stitches I was workin hard.This is the one with the ribbon in it. I did not even try and start the other two but the cupcake has some velvet, beads, and a fluffy type of thread. It will be great to be stitching on it in the dead of winter and a nice cup of tea by myside. The "All Hearts" piece will also be a learning experiance. I am not sure what but keep the brain active....has to be learnin something everyday.

Tulsa Fall Retreat

These are pics I took at the retreat. The group picture was the winners of the stitching competition. We were all invited to compete. There also was a name tag competition. I will be more prepared for the next one. The single lady in the one picture is Cindy. She owns the stitching store that ran the retreat. There is a medium size refrig behind her and that was stocked with pop and water. And on the table that she is standing by always had food on it for us to snack on. Our accommodations were excellent. They were cabins with 4 rooms with 2 double beds. It had a large table, a couch, and more chairs. There was a TV, microwave, and a small frig in the cabin. Very clean. The retreat started on Friday night and last till noon on Sunday. There were 4 classes. The classes had many different stitches to learn and different mediums. I am learning to stitch with ribbon and velvet. I picked up a tool to make sure that the ribbon and velvet lay flat on the surface. I even bought some q-snaps. Oh my gosh. I LOVE them. I met some really nice ladies and we are planning to meet at the spring retreat.

This is the piece that I stitched for my partner in the Lizzie Kate Exchange. She really liked it. That makes me happy. So I signed up for the next one.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Tulsa, Oklahoma Retreat

I just got back from my weekend retreat in Tulsa. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOhh my did I have a good time. I met some new friends, ate, stitched, ate, stitched. Had myself a good ole time. The weather was perfect. And I got a massage that left me feeling soooo relaxed. It was good all around. One snafu in the trip. My luggage went to Oklahoma City and I went to Atlanta. In a couple of days we shall be in the same spot. I will post pictures as soon as I get all my goodies from my luggage.
Take care everyone.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have been working on my two exchange pieces. Started my Christmas SAL I will post a pic as soon as my exchange pieces arrive. But I can update with a pic of my Xmas SAL. :) This is after I worked on it a couple of sessions.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Christmas SAL

One of the groups that I belong is called Stitch and Swap 2. Char has started a Christmas SAL. This is what I have chosen to stitch. I got this on one of my stitching fun days with meeting some friends in Crystal Lake and shopping at Welcome Stitchery. I will be stitching it on 32ct Vintage Lakeside color: Strawflower. I will have to get the ole magnifiers for this one. ;) I am really excited to start on it. Have a good week.

Here is the stash that I got in La Crosse when I went to the Cranberry Festival. La Crosse is about an hour away from Warrens. Just to give you an idea of the distance. Anyway, I found this shop online prior to going up there. It was a nice little shop with all kinds of fun stuff. In the picture you can see the different pamphlets that I got but there is a piece of fabric at the top of the picture that I could not leave without. It is a tea-dyed gingham. Have not decided what I will stitch with it but I will find something. I have my two exchange pieces stitched but not all the way finished. I need to go to JoAnns tomorrow to find some for my Harvest Exchange. I have the fabric already for my Lizzie Kate Exchange. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Take care

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lizzie Kate Exchange

This is the fantastic exchange piece that I recieved from Eileen. I love it. Thank you Eileen. It will hang in a prominent spot in my home.

Here is the wonderful exchange piece that I recieved from Marie. It was titled Harvest Time. The key chain is already holding my keys and the scissors fob is on the snipers. I love it all.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


This is the first in a long time that I have posted. Since last time I passed another exam. Goooo me!! It was Technical Writing and it was easy peasy. I was glad of that cause I have the last 4 to do before I get more into the nursing "stuff". Algebra, Chemistry, Interpetation/Analysis of Literature,and Statistics. I am stitching on two exchanges. I made a trip to upper Wisconsin to Warrens. They hold the biggest cranberry festival. They had tons and tons of anything cranberry and craft boths, flea markets, farmers markets, and trips to a cranberry bog. I have never seen soooo many people at one event in my life. I overheard one lady saying "it was her first and last time there". I am not sure if I will go back but it was a good get away for me. I took some pics of a garden in LaCrosse. That is where I stayed. It was a bit of a drive -- about an hour away. Closet I could find. Well...... off to work I go.
Take care and happy stitching!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oh boy I have been busy with studying and work. That is why I have not been blogging as of late. I passed my Religion test. Yeaaaaaah. I was so happy. I had to pinch myself. I have to test out/get credits for 10 general ed classes for my BS. I have 5 done now. Woooohooo. I will be working on Technical writing and Analysis and Interpetation of Lit. next. Hopefully by the end of the summer I can test out of those.

We had a bake sale at work and I found this wonderful recipe on a blog called Bakerella. She is so creative. I made cake bites. You bake the cake in a 9x13 pan and then break it up and stir almost a can of frosting so it is kinda like a dough. The "frosting is bark. I had vanilla on top and cocoa on the bottom. Very rich but oooo so good. And guess what??? NO calories. LOL

My younger son is all settled in his group home and he is very happy. I visit him from time to time and we have a great time together. He calls it "his group home and everyone there loves him. I am getting used to him being gone. The house is so quite now and sometimes thats good and sometimes I sometimes I miss him. Everything is good. Being a parent is able to let go also. I am happy that he is happy. That makes it all worth it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

This is a great video.

Copy and paste it in your browser.

Latest Update

Here is an update on my Pat Rogers' piece. It is coming right along. It sure has been a pleasure to stitch this. I am learning to relax more and not being so hard on myself. Just stitching where I feel is the best spot. And if Mr. Frogger comes along -- no big.

"Jolly is seventeen. She can't really read. She doesn't have much of a job. And she has two little kids from two different, absent fathers. Jolly knows she can't cope with Jilly and Jeremy all by herself. Se she posts a notice on the school bulletin board: BABYSITTER NEEDED BAD. No one replies but Verna LaVaughn, who's only fourteen. How much help can she be? For a while, Jolly, Jill, Jeremy, and LaVaughn are an extraordinary family. Then LaVaughn takes the first steps toward building her own future, and Jolly begin the long, slow process of turning the lemons of her life into lemonade"

I know it's been a while, that I have posted, but I have been studying for my Intro to World Religions test, some stitching, and reading. Here is the latest book that I have finished. It is a good quick read.
I did not think I would but I got hooked on "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer. I have not finished it but I will soon. Anyway, I have started to read Young Adult Lit. My first book was "The Golden Compass". Another one I have not finished but will in the future. While at the library the other day I found this.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Here's an update on one of my WIPs. Slowly but surely I will get this done. It has been busy. Working and trying to fit everything else in. We had a meeting of a possible group home for Adrian. Very nice place. That would be good for him. To start another milestone in his life and one for myself also. I have been trying to figure out a place to go on vacation this summer/fall. Weather here has been a taste of early summer and early fall. The temp has dropped down near mid 30s overnight. Last night I brought in my hagging flowers for protection. I am also looking into some more annuals for the deck. I picked up an antibiotic for Spaz because her teeth like to hold on to bacteria and stay there. This is bad for her teeth and it makes kinda like cavities. She has had two surgeries to remove this stuff and to decrease the growth every like 4 mos. the vet has me give her this.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I took a break from my other WIP and started working on my sampler. Sometimes you just need a break. ;) Anyway, here it is. I have seen Mr. Frogger but he visits and then goes away for a while. I do not get so upset when he shows up. That small section on the top right side was stitched 3 times before I got it right. (Phew... at least I got it right. LOL) I got my fix of TV last night. I watched my newest favorite show..Food Network Challenge. They have had a competition for the best cake maker. It was great to watch and finally see the winner. Weather here was a pretty lousy weekend. Lots of rain and clouds. My lawn and flowers look great!! I also did some studying for my religion test. Reading about Confucisism. Was pretty interesting.
Today I had to stop at the local gardening center. I have a water problem. When it rains, like a heavy downpour my basement window is letting in all kinds of water. I got some ideas and I will be working on them on my next day off. I looove going in that place. So many pretty flowers, planters, perenials, and just fun stuff. I think I may even get my flowers early this year. To enjoy them longer.
Have a great week and Take care

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring is here. Yeaaaah It has been just beautiful here. Sun shining and temps in the 50's. Even opened a window and turned off the furnace. The cats are lovin the open window and able to sit in the sill. It was hard but I did do some studying. Reading about a different culture and trying to understand is a challenge. I took some breaks so I would have a variety and move through out the day. Laundry was done. (Isn't that a four letter word? lol) Even loading the dishwasher was accomplished. Worked on the blog. I found off of one of my blogs that I follow how to put a different background. I feel so smart. LOL I watched a couple of good shows on TV. One was on IFC and the other was PBS. The title of the IFC was "Millions". Was a great family movie about a family that has lost the mom but the dad moves on and what happens to the family is very heart-warming. The other on PBS was "The Life Of Reily". The story of Charles Nelson Reilly. Funny and sad at the same time. This movie was made by a couple of Wisconsin film makers. If you ever get the chance. You will enjoy it.
HAPPY EASTER My son and I are going to a brunch today. Get out of the house and enjoy the weather. It is another gorgeous day. Probaly do some errands also.

Have a great Easter

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I have not been stitching so much lately but here is an updated pic from the last time that I posted. I have started to work on my general ed classes for my BSN. I am doing it through the college network. They send me the material and I study for the exam and I get college credit for passing the exam. This is a better way for me to get my RN than an actual school at this time. When I am ready for my nursing part of the program I will be doing it online with Indiana State University. I am reading and learning about World Religions. I have planned to take a week to study each unit. In little over 2 months I will be ready to take the exam. I will go to Madison and through a preceptor take the test. I am not sure what college. When I took my History exam I went to UW Whitewater. And for three of my other exams I went to Madison but it was at a professional testing center. Different subjects different places.
Weather has been pretty usual for Wisconsin. Last weekend we had a snow storm after have spring temperatures. That snow is gone and after having another couple of really nice weather we are back to snow. Not nowhere near last weekend but the temps dipping down again. I hope we have a nice Easter.
Take care everyone

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Here's an update on my WIP. Also an update on Miles. He is doing great. No more bandages and he is running after Spaz. The weather here is pretty gloomy. Rain all day today. We need the rain to bring grass and flowers. Have a great week.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This arrived in the mail yesterday. It is my bigo prize from my stitching group in yahoo. I love Lizzie Kate and the holidays are always fun to stitch.
Thank you Donna so much

Name of Designer/ Miles

After I posted the other day I forgot to add the name and title of the second WIP. Silly me. ;) Anyway, the designer is Pat Rogers and the name of the pattern is Antique Alphabet. The date on the pattern was 1984. I got it at Welcome Stitchery in Crystal Lake, Ill.
My younger cat Miles was declawed. I took pity on my older cat since she was declawed also. He truly is an alpha male around her. She has put up with alot from him. She goes outside whenever he wants to play. I do have to say that she is a more playful cat now that we have him. She has picked up some of his bad habits and I have let her. Who says you cant teach an older sibling new tricks. LOL
Spaz had to have dental surgery. After I had to give her antibiotics. I got both of them in at the same time. And thank goodness for tax refunds. After a couple weeks after the declaw he got an infection in his paw. Not related to the declaw. Now he is on antibiotics and we have a recheck tomorrow at the vet.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day. Everyone is Irish on Tuesday.

This is my second WIP. I stitched this in the middle 80s. My younger son cut the pattern up and I thought I would never find this pattern again. I threw the piece away. But I went to a stitching shop in Illinois and I FOUND IT!! This is how far I have gotten. The weather here is just gorgeous. Suppose to be in the 60s tomorrow. Cannot wait for spring. Take care.