Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I am trying to post my WIP. Not having too much luck. LOL I hope I can figure this out. Yeaaah got it to work. I have been working on this one for about 6mos. I try and stitch a little bit every day. I love all the colors and especially the bunnies on the bottom. I might just be done by easter of '08. Will keep posting as I get more and more done.

Latest Finish

Hello out there. Yesterday was kind of a wash. Just wanted to sleep all day cause the snow and ice were making life a challenge. I want to have a more productive day today so I decided that I would post my lastest finish and what I am working on right now. This is Lizzie Kate. My first work on gingham. It was pretty easy to do. I got it on my stash trip to Welcome Stitchery and started and finished it that weekend. I love it. I got some fabric today to finish it into a pillow.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

This is the nice package that I received from my Secret Santa the other day. The stitching group is Stitchers Circle. It had buttons, beads, floss (DMC and hand dyed), a recipe for cookies, pot holder, a hand towel that I can stitch something on, two pattern booklets, and a piece of gray/blue linen. Lots of ooohs and ahhhs when I saw everything.
Happy stitching.

Snowing again

Gosh....We got hit Saturday with snow and then ice. Icky,icky. I had to drive to work. I just drove slow. I took today off. (PTO day) I am so glad. The snow decided to come back again. We are suppose to get 3 to 6 inches. So far so good for a white Christmas. I got my younger son his presents for xmas. He loves Dale Earnhardt. WalMart has a DVD set about him. He saw the set before Thanksgiving and told me then that is what he wanted. I am not sure whether my older son will get anything. He is so mean to me. He doesn't hardly help around here. It gets me so depressed. I have been trying to stitch more. Finish up some projects that I have had going for a while. That seems to calm me. Listening to Christmas music.
That's it for the moment. Do what makes you happy.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Secret Sister Package

This was my last package from my secret sister this past summer. I also am experimenting with posting a picture on my blog. Since I have received this package I am using the floral notebook with all kinds of stuff. I keep it in my purse. I have added the floss and the fabric to my stash, the magnet (yellow handled sea side scene) is on my refrigerator.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Friday after Thanksgiving Shopping Fun.

Hello out there. I have had a wonderful weekend so far. I have had Friday and Saturday off. On Friday I went to Welcome Stitchery with a friend and the most wonderful time. I bought a whole bunch of stash. I found a pattern that my son had cut up when he was a little boy. I was in the middle of stitching and had about half of it done. I have long since thrown out the piece of stitching but will be excited to start it again. I bought quite a few fibers also. I am now cataloging them. I stitched a Lizzie Kate named "Noel Squared". I stitched it on a piece of gingham linen. I will post a picture soon.