Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Snowing again

Gosh....We got hit Saturday with snow and then ice. Icky,icky. I had to drive to work. I just drove slow. I took today off. (PTO day) I am so glad. The snow decided to come back again. We are suppose to get 3 to 6 inches. So far so good for a white Christmas. I got my younger son his presents for xmas. He loves Dale Earnhardt. WalMart has a DVD set about him. He saw the set before Thanksgiving and told me then that is what he wanted. I am not sure whether my older son will get anything. He is so mean to me. He doesn't hardly help around here. It gets me so depressed. I have been trying to stitch more. Finish up some projects that I have had going for a while. That seems to calm me. Listening to Christmas music.
That's it for the moment. Do what makes you happy.

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