Sunday, January 6, 2008

Latest WIP and School

Hello Everyone,
Here is my latest WIP. It is from JBW Designs. French Country Alphabet. It is done in Periwinkle from Weeks Dye Works. After stitching on my french project that has many color changes, I wanted to do something less changes. I got this at my big shopping day at Welcome Stitchery. That place has EVERYTHING you need to cross stitch. Good thing it is 90 miles from me. LOL I am going to work on my Easter heart and a xmas decoration for the next years exchange while I am waiting for more floss. This was one skein of the Weeks.
Now for school. I got in gear to start working on my nursing school. I have my LPN and I want to get my Bachelors Degree. I am working on an online course. I have to work at my pace. Did not think it would be hard to set my own schedule but omg it is!! I have set up a test date so that will help me to get'er done. The subject I am working on right now is American History II. Starts at the end of the Civil War and ends at present. I did not like history in High School but I am kinda getting into it now. I like working in the nursing home where I am at but I ultimately want to work in a hospital in pediatrics. Hospitals do not hire LPNs. Also the increase in pay would not be too bad either. Better get back to the books.

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