Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Name of Designer/ Miles

After I posted the other day I forgot to add the name and title of the second WIP. Silly me. ;) Anyway, the designer is Pat Rogers and the name of the pattern is Antique Alphabet. The date on the pattern was 1984. I got it at Welcome Stitchery in Crystal Lake, Ill.
My younger cat Miles was declawed. I took pity on my older cat since she was declawed also. He truly is an alpha male around her. She has put up with alot from him. She goes outside whenever he wants to play. I do have to say that she is a more playful cat now that we have him. She has picked up some of his bad habits and I have let her. Who says you cant teach an older sibling new tricks. LOL
Spaz had to have dental surgery. After I had to give her antibiotics. I got both of them in at the same time. And thank goodness for tax refunds. After a couple weeks after the declaw he got an infection in his paw. Not related to the declaw. Now he is on antibiotics and we have a recheck tomorrow at the vet.

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