Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring is here. Yeaaaah It has been just beautiful here. Sun shining and temps in the 50's. Even opened a window and turned off the furnace. The cats are lovin the open window and able to sit in the sill. It was hard but I did do some studying. Reading about a different culture and trying to understand is a challenge. I took some breaks so I would have a variety and move through out the day. Laundry was done. (Isn't that a four letter word? lol) Even loading the dishwasher was accomplished. Worked on the blog. I found off of one of my blogs that I follow how to put a different background. I feel so smart. LOL I watched a couple of good shows on TV. One was on IFC and the other was PBS. The title of the IFC was "Millions". Was a great family movie about a family that has lost the mom but the dad moves on and what happens to the family is very heart-warming. The other on PBS was "The Life Of Reily". The story of Charles Nelson Reilly. Funny and sad at the same time. This movie was made by a couple of Wisconsin film makers. If you ever get the chance. You will enjoy it.
HAPPY EASTER My son and I are going to a brunch today. Get out of the house and enjoy the weather. It is another gorgeous day. Probaly do some errands also.

Have a great Easter

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Meari said...

Spring is definitely here! Had temps in the lower 70's on Friday. I also have little green things popping up. Yay!