Saturday, May 29, 2010

Have a great weekend

I am working all weekend.  It is my weekend and my holiday.  It's okay.  The weather is great here.  Hope it is where you are.  I have lost a bit of my mojo for stitching so I will be working on my school reading.  Fear is a good/bad thing.  I am okay with starting up with chemistry again.  I finish the third installment of the Twilight series.  It was quite the adventure.  I cannot wait to see the movie.  This is why I feel it is a good time to start back on the studying thing.  My garden is starting to bloom and I will post some pics sometime soon.  Gardening is another part of my creativity.  If I did not have it, I would not be a happy camper.  Gotta get ready for work.
Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back to reality

My last great day of vacation.  Monday is back to work.  Ughhhh  
Mother's Day was great.  Having the boys at the house was great.  I picked them both up from their prospective homes and ran them out to my place.  We all played video games for a while and then we just relaxed.  Allen adjusted my flat screen TV and now I can see it all the time I am watching it.  He uped one of the settings and the picture is much brighter.  Yeaaah Allen.  On the way home we stopped at Culvers.  Food is always good there.
Stitching --- I have started on my Lizzie Kate Exchange piece but no pics till my partner gets it.
Reading --- I have gotten half way through Eclipse and I have checked out Breaking Dawn to immediately move on to the 4th installment of the Twilight Series.
School  --- Started reading in the Chemistry again.  Little bit everyday.  Feels good to be working on it.
Work --- It is Nursing Home Week.  Today is Red, White, and Blue day.  All week different days - different themes.  This is fun.
Hope your week is going well.  Take care

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mothers Day

Since it is Mothers Day on Sunday I just wanted to show off my boys.  I love them to death and I miss when they were small.  Even though my younger one had many daily challenges.  My older son took it all in stride and did his best to be a kid.  We are getting together on Sunday and playing some video games.  I cannot wait.
Hope all the mothers have a great day on Sunday!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Word-less Wednesday

Tulsa and some stitching

I just got back from Tulsa. I atteneded the Spring Fling. The Stitchworks sponsored it and a great time was had by all. Weather was okay. Raining off and on. Got lots of stitching done and the company was wonderful. All the ladies that attended the fling were very gracious. We got four projects to do. We all started out with the scissors fob. A sparkly cubcake. I will post a picture later. Cindy (shop owner and sponsor) taught us all a new way to finish the fob. Very very easy. I do have some picture to show. One of many (cough) projects in the making. I think I am going to start a rotation for my projects. I have read quite a few fellow stitichers do this. Maybe it will help detour my "startitis".
Reading.... I have started Eclipse. Book 3 of the Twilight series. I am really enjoying it and it is moving right along. I also downloaded a couple of books on to my mp3 player. And a couple more onto my computer. Can never have enough books.
School I have a plan of attack. Tomorrow off to the library.
Hope everyone is having wonderful weather like us.