Saturday, October 3, 2009


This is the first in a long time that I have posted. Since last time I passed another exam. Goooo me!! It was Technical Writing and it was easy peasy. I was glad of that cause I have the last 4 to do before I get more into the nursing "stuff". Algebra, Chemistry, Interpetation/Analysis of Literature,and Statistics. I am stitching on two exchanges. I made a trip to upper Wisconsin to Warrens. They hold the biggest cranberry festival. They had tons and tons of anything cranberry and craft boths, flea markets, farmers markets, and trips to a cranberry bog. I have never seen soooo many people at one event in my life. I overheard one lady saying "it was her first and last time there". I am not sure if I will go back but it was a good get away for me. I took some pics of a garden in LaCrosse. That is where I stayed. It was a bit of a drive -- about an hour away. Closet I could find. Well...... off to work I go.
Take care and happy stitching!!

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