Thursday, January 27, 2011

A HAED update

This is what I have been stitching on for the past three weeks.  The colors are great and I enjoy working on the linen.  I have finish reading my latest book.  Hold Tight by Harlan Coben.  It was a great mystery.  I loved how he put all the various pieces of the story in the end.  Made it a real "page turner".  I will be reading more of his work.  He has published like 15 books.  He would make a great writer for tv series.  I have been pretty much working and stitching.  Had my car in the shop for 5 days.  Had to take it in for a muffler and as always, turned into much more.  I cannot complain too much.  It has been a good car.  Not alot of repairs till now.  My son is moving out soon.  That is good for both of us. He found an apartment on his own.  He is in a production of  "Mame".  They started production on it.  He loves the theatre.  So glad he has found something that he can have passion. 
Take care.


Kathy said...

Good luck to your son! Mame is a great show. Glad to hear he is getting his own place. That means you can turn his bedroom into a craft/stitching room? :)

Love the colors in your HAED. So pretty.

I love Coben. He writes a great book. I think I have read all of his. Though I may be missing one or two of his earliest.

Pointed Stitcher said...

Your HAED is STUN-NING!!!!

Elisa said...

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Elisa x