Saturday, January 8, 2011

Up for a Challenge and 2011 Goals

I have joined the "Up for a Challenge" stitching challenge.  (  I have listed my 15 WIPs that I will be working on this year.  I have decided to do this cause when I finish a piece it really helps my self confidence.   I am also challenging myself to "test out of" four classes so I can start the Nursing part of my BSN journey.  I have Chemistry, Algebra, Statistics, Interp. & Analyse Lit.  When I get those done I can do the four challenge exams.  These exams are to show them (people at Indiana State University) that I have a good sense from my LPN training to continue to be that RN.  I have set some great goals for myself for this up coming year.  Health wise, I want to decrease the amount of meds that I take for my diabetes.  I am on two meds.  This year one med and maybe next year the other med.  My son has some options for an apartment.  I guess that is another goal.  To get him in his own place.  I have some pics to post.  I have two WIPs I am working on.  And, the snippets from my stitching.

 This is a Pat Rogers.  I am not sure when I started this, but I would like to finish it and then frame it.  I love the colors.  I did a stitching mistake in the letters on the first row.  I think that is why I put it down.  I will fix that, finish it, and off to the framers it will go.  It is stitched on 18ct Aida.  All DMC colors.
This is my first attempt at a HAED design.  It is a freebie.  It will be Auroas Garden when it is finished.  It also is all DMC colors. I love the colors.  It is stitched over 2 on 25ct Linen.  I am stitching a block at a time.
This is the start of my TUSAL jar. 
Hope you have a great weekend.  It is suppose to be really really cold here in Wisconsin.  Great weather for stitching or studying.
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Tricia said...

You have wonderful goals for this year! And your stitching - especially the first piece - is just gorgeous. I'm looking forward to starting a small HAED piece when I get some of my Crazy 15 starts finished. :-)

Daffycat said...

Pretty ORTs!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is a lot of goals. I love the pics you posted of your WIP's. The Pat Rogers one is just lovely. Good luck with the challenge.

Pointed Stitcher said...

Hello, I love your sampler and hope you can get it finished (you are so close).