Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two new finishes and exchange pictures.

I have two finishes and a big happy dance.  I have been working on these pieces feels like forever.  The above sampler I started last year and it is a part of the WIP Challenge that I am a part of.  I almost put it back in the pile.  I am glad I didn't.  It feels good to get the darn thing done.  I had a head cold forever.  Finally got some antibiotics and I was feeling better but when I was almost done I broke out in hives all over.  Needless to say I did not want to stitch for quite a while. But now I am stitching like a storm now. 

I also was in a couple of exchanges.  My partners have recieved their pieces so I can show you.  I did not take a picture of my seasonal exchange  :(

This is my exhange from the seasonal one.  It is so cute.  A scissors fob that included a pair of scissors.  Wow.  It came in a pretty pink bag and she sent a card too.  Kathy always sends great exhanges.

This one is from the Lizzie Kate exchange.  Very very cute.  I love it.  Bonnie did a great job.  I love how she finished this.  Bright colors and even a carrot.  It will fit in well with the rest of my bunnies.

This is the piece that I sent to Bonnie for the Lizzie Kate exchange.  She said she liked it.  I am glad she did. 

Summer is here in Wisconsin.   Near 90s here.  We might not get a spring.


Ruth said...

Well done on the finishes, they are both fab. Its great to have WIP's done and out of the way. I love your exchange pieces.

Tricia said...

What pretty exchanges! Both giving and receiving. I really like the Prairie Schooler bunny fob that you got! Your Simple Joys finish makes me want to start mine. I picked up some of the threads I needed yesterday, but they were missing a couple. Probably a good thing, cuz I have other projects to finish before I start that one!

Kathy said...

Your finishes are fabulous! I love the second one, Simple Joys.

I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I hope the antibiotics helped and you are on the mend.

I love my exchange piece and am glad you like yours.

Meari said...

Yeah, it was 91 here yesterday. Bleah... humidity.

Your exchanges look great!

Congrats on your finishes, too.

Anonymous said...

Glad that you are feeling better and can get back to your stitching. Congrats on the two finishes. They look great. Seeing a project completed is always such a great feeling.

Rhona said...

What great finishes...the ones you gave and the ones you received!

Bienvenue... said...

Many thanks for your sweet comment on my box.
Your finishes are lovely.

Pointed Stitcher said...

Great finishes.

Anne said...

Hmm, I thought I had commented on this post but it seems to have disappeared! Anyways, lovely finishes and exchanges!! Love the Lizzie Kate pieces! Both look sweet!!